My building is Sea Level Rise Adaptable™. how can I become Sea Level Rise Ready™?

We are your partners in your adaptation journey. We will walk you through the steps you need to take to make your building Sea Level Rise Ready™. Once you’ve made the necessary changes, we will upgrade your building at no additional cost. It is our goal to upgrade every Sea Level Rise Adaptable™ building, and our distinct pleasure to redesignate a building as Sea Level Rise Ready™!

My neighborhood doesn’t flood at all. Does that make my building Sea Level Rise Ready?

To identify a building as Sea Level Rise Ready™ we look at the 30-year outlook for the property. If your neighborhood doesn’t flood today, that’s a good sign, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be affected in the future. Apply today to know for sure!

Does Sea Level Rise Ready™ include my driveway and the street in front of my property?

The Sea Level Rise Ready™ Program is designed to give actionable information to homeowners and businesses so they can do something right away. We don’t evaluate the street or driveway as part of the program for individuals, because changes to those components would require involvement by local governments and community associations.

Streets and driveways are definitely on our radar, but wide cooperation and agreement is needed to raise roads. We are preparing for the next layer of the program to help raise roads and driveways as more individuals participate in the program, leveraging their governments to improve the local infrastructure.

What if I don’t have an elevation certificate?

The elevation certificate is an important piece of the Sea Level Rise Ready™ Program, and is critical to evaluating a building’s readiness. If you don’t have your elevation certificate, contact us and we can connect you with a local surveyor to produce one for you.

What is the technical document?

The Sea Level Rise Ready™ Technical Document is the core component of a building’s designation. It provides you with all of the information that goes into the analysis. We summarize the critical parts of your elevation certificate, and show you where and when you need to adapt to become Sea Level Rise Ready™.

What is the Adaptation Action Elevation?

The Adaptation Action Elevation is the highest elevation at which the tidal flooding is expected to reach during a given year, excluding extreme events like hurricanes. It is recommended that adaptation actions be taken for any components below this elevation that are critical to using the building. These components are summarized on the Sea Level Rise Ready™ Technical Document.

What is the Adaptation Action Point?

The Adaptation Action Point is a specific point in time in which adaptation actions are recommended to prevent a specific part of a building from being affected by tidal flooding. If multiple elements are expected to be affected by tidal flooding, the earliest adaptation action point is taken for the entire building.

What sea level rise projections do you use?

The Sea Level Rise Ready™ Program applies the local high projections by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. We use the high projection because when planning for an uncertain future, it is best to use the most aggressive, realistic projection.

Can I submit multiple applications at once?

At this time, our website is designed for one building and one application at a time. You can place multiple orders sequentially on our website. However, if you are interested in submitting multiple applications, please contact us because as offer discounts for multiple applications submitted simultaneously. Call us at (954) 834-3533 or email us at