Being able to communicate the risks of rising seas and how to respond to them is a challenging task that requires a detailed understanding of the science and the sensitives of the topic. How do we know sea level rise is occurring? How will sea level rise affect me? What can I do to reduce some of those effects?” Many of the basic questions of sea level rise do not have simple answers, but must be addressed to build the public support necessary to adapt to the changing environment. Starting with a Sea Level Rise 101, our training series will answer many questions about sea level rise, provide a forum to interact with sea level rise experts, and leave participants with the tools necessary to be confident and consistent in their conversations with all community members.

The training is structured as a series of  four (4) 45-minute modules covering:

  • Sea Level Rise 101
  • Real Risks of Sea Level Rise
  • Effective Communication Techniques
  • Putting it all into Practice

Participants will be provided with customizable Communicator Cards with specific facts, figures, and phrases, as a reference, and work in small teams to develop well-constructed talking points for a selected target group of individuals (i.e. business leaders, local elected officials, residents living in an area already experiencing tidal flooding).

Participants will complete a Sea Level Rise Risks activity as a tangible take-home from the training, which is also a requirement to become a Sea Level Rise Ready® Communicator.

Participants that attend the entirety of the training and complete the activities will be recognized as  a Sea Level Rise Ready® Communicator, and will be provided with materials to demonstrate their status as such.

The training series can be scheduled over one to four days, and includes three hours of interactive lectures and up to three hours of independent research, study, and group activities. Upon completion of the training series, participants will have gained a detailed understanding of the causes and risks of sea level rise, specific communication techniques and tools, and be recognized as a Sea Level Rise Ready® Communicator.

To learn more or schedule a Communicator training, please contact us.