Sea Level Rise Ready® by Brizaga is the result of countless encounters with homeowners, government officials, business people and real estate agents who were simply looking for the way forward. Time after time, the question was posed, “What do I do about sea level rise?”

The Sea Level Rise Ready® Program was established by Brizaga, Inc., a South Florida based company focused on creating a better, more resilient future. The Program was designed to bring people together to overcome one of the biggest challenges facing coastal communities.

Some cities have begun to fight back against sea level rise. Local governments in places like Boston, Charleston, New York, San Francisco and Miami Beach are all in the middle of major initiatives to deal with the changes it brings. But government can only do so much.

This program was built to be a resource for you on your personal adaption journey. With an array of tools tailored specifically for individuals and businesses, real estate agents, and developers and designers, the Sea Level Rise Ready™ Program aims to educate, empower, and unify our communities and their leaders as they prepare for the rough waters ahead.

To learn more about what causes sea level rise and the science behind the projections, we recommend learning more from the National Ocean Service.

The Sea Level Rise Ready® Program is a collaboration of subject-matter experts ready to help individuals, businesses, and local governments understand the risks of rising seas and how to adapt to those risks.

It is meant to be a partner on the adaptation journey that coastal citizens will make in the next few decades. It is a system that guides individuals, businesses, and local governments to educate themselves, take action, and share their successes with other members of their communities. Adaptation is an incremental process, and just like any other process, it begins with the first step. Join us on the path to a better tomorrow!

About the Founders

South Florida natives Alec Bogdanoff and Michael Antinelli joined forces to create Brizaga, Inc., with a vision of helping people learn how sea level rise could impact their lives, and empowering them to do something about it.

Co-Founder Alec Bogdanoff, Ph.D., addressing the bipartisan U.S. House of Representatives Climate Solutions Caucus on the financial implications of sea level rise in May 2017.

The founders have distinctly unique backgrounds that complement one another. Alec is a Ph.D. Oceanographer from MIT and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and was previously on Capitol Hill working on ocean and environmental for a U.S. Senator. Michael is a licensed coastal & civil engineer and a certified floodplain manager whose entire career has been spent on resilience efforts in South Florida and New York. Together, they combine the worlds of science, engineering, policy and politics to bring innovative solutions and a one-of-a-kind perspective to a global issue.